Climate Action Plan & Fossil Fuel Ordinance

Action Toolkit to Protect Health, Safety,
& the Climate in Vancouver

In 2022, the City of Vancouver has the opportunity to take bold action to protect community health and safety, and to invest in a more resilient and equitable city. Right now, the City is developing both a Climate Action Plan (CAP) & Fossil Fuel Ordinance to prohibit the construction of new and expanded fossil fuel facilities in Vancouver. These policies will protect our health and safety and prevent further harm from fossil fuel pollution, especially in neighborhoods already disproportionately impacted.City Council members have expressed interest and support for ambitious climate action, but the oil and gas industry is pushing back hard in an effort to stall these critical protections.Vancouver City Council and Planning Commission will be holding public hearings and voting this summer and fall. They need to hear from YOU that it’s time to pass both a strong Climate Action Plan & Fossil Fuel Ordinance! This toolkit contains background on these issues and information about how to support local action on climate and make your voice heard!

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Link below: How to join City Council meeting and public hearing on Monday October 3, 2022

Background Info: learn more about these issues.

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Image courtesy of: Port of Vancouver USA